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Invest in a high quality rear differential

Your rear differential is extremely important to the proper function of your car, truck, SUV, van, or other vehicle. The rear differential transfers the turn of the driveshaft to the rear axle, which is perpendicular to the driveshaft. Your differential requires fluid to stay lubricated, and a lot of things can go wrong with it.


If your rear differential has stopped functioning properly, don't panic. You can save big by buying a used piece from the trusted salvage yard, right here in Mississippi. Click here to shop online!

Get the right match for your vehicle

We have it all in stock right here! Trust us to find the right piece for your make or model of car, van, truck, SUV, or other vehicle. It doesn't matter if you drive a foreign car or a domestic one!

We're proud to be the region's first choice for superior used auto parts at reasonable prices. Come by and see why people trust us!

Never overpay for quality

You don't have to drop a lot of money to get an amazing piece of machinery. There are tons of hidden gems in our huge inventory, so dig through today in person or online! You'll benefit by saving huge amounts of money.

Talk to our helpful staff

Your shopping experience will be a pleasant one when you choose us, because we hire only the most qualified and friendly professionals. Let us help you find the right piece for your vehicle!

Shop in person or online, or give us a call to ask any questions!

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